New Standards for Lighthouse 360 SMS Messaging (Texting)

Please provide the following to continue quality SMS messaging services

Effective immediately, we are required to provide additional information from our clients to continue our texting services. The Campaign Registry (TCR) standards now require your federal EIN or tax ID number, as well as information about your business.


How do I find my company’s EIN? 

Your company’s accountant or financing officer should be able to locate that information for you. You can also find that information on your company’s W-2 or other tax filings.

Why is this information required? 

To ensure compliance with industry standards and carrier mandates from all providers, we are now required to give additional information for existing clients using the texting features.

How will this affect me if I do not provide my information? 

Customers that do not provide their information will experience texts not getting to their patients from cellphone carriers.



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